If you’re here because you spoke to or visited us at a recent wedding event; it’s nice to see you again.   

I hope we answered your questions on the day; if not the easiest thing to do is pick up the phone and call us, we won’t bite.  Honest.

As I’m sure we made you aware on the day; we’re not like other wedding car hire companies.  Just because it’s got the word ‘wedding’ in the request there isn’t a hefty premium or uplift, also known as a Wedding Tax; in fact there’s no premium or uplift involved whatsoever.  Just our normal very reasonable charges as this is the sort of service we do, day in, day out; not just at weekends.

We hope you had time to sit in the vehicles and see what they’ve got to offer on the day.  I don’t suppose the onboard wi-fi will be much use to you en-route to your wedding location unless you’re a really keen blogger.  The space in the rear seats as well as our service I’m sure will be of greater interest.

Some examples from our vehicles.

S-Class Mercedes.




If you didn’t see our vehicles on the day; why not pop round and see our cars if you want, if you can’t do that we’ll see if we can come to you if it makes it easier for you.

Audi – A8 L (Long), we have a couple of these which are new for 2019.

If you’re getting married in white – this really makes your dress pop in the pictures.

All we need to provide you with a cost is the from and to details, the date and of course, how many vehicles you’re looking for.  We like to keep things simple and we trust that you do too.

We do have the capability to transfer smaller groups of people which may help with your logistics again using very nice vehicles such as our Viano / V-Class vehicles which carries seven people in comfort and style.

Viano V-Class VianoInsideSideentry

If you’d like to understand more or have some questions you need answered – you can either drop an email to us or call 01224 312000.