Audi A8 LWB

Audi A8 LWB

Audi A8 Long wheel base at Forth Rail Bridge

It’s new, like really really new, and we have taken delivery of our two 2019 Audi A8 Long Wheelbase saloons. Yes, we have had twins again.

Both supporting the same Mythos black metallic paint, black interior, clear glass and 4-wheel steering, the pair of these are setting a standard in luxury transport. We are maybe biased but it is a lovely combination.

Interior of Audi A8 Long wheel base

The rear cabin has had a large overhaul in terms of space and what is available compared to our previous Audi A8L’s. The cabin in the rear poses more room where we didn’t think you could get more room and also a tablet-like touch panel display to control setting such as heated seats, window blinds, climate control, and the entertainment system.

When we were ticking the boxes on the order form, 4-wheel steering was a must-have to work alongside the Audi Quattro system. Have a seat in the back and you will see quickly how safe and secure this makes the car and journey feel.

Safety during your journey is one of our highest priorities. Audi has certainly stepped up the mark in driver safety with the new A8 L. Active lane assist and a full 360-collision warning system are to name a couple of the extensive list of driving safety systems present in these cars. All this working in the background of your journey means you can sit back, relax and enjoy your journey.

Rear of Audi A8 Long wheel base