Mercedes-Benz S Class LWB

Silver Mercedes-Benz S Class S350 Long wheelbase

Considered the leading executive car in its class, The Mercedes-Benz S Class sets the bar on what is expected. Here is Charlotte, VCD’s Mercedes-Benz S Class Long Wheelbase.

Step into the sumptuous environment of the back seats, if you’re so inclined you can take out the table and start-up your laptop, connect to our free in-car WI-FI as well as onboard mains power (Chargers for most phones are onboard as well) and carry on working whilst we get you to your destination.

Alternatively, just sit back and relax and enjoy the journey. Regardless of which one you choose, we can assure you it’ll be in style, safety, and comfort. From the door panels, you can control all the seat adjustments, heated seats and even have a cold seat for those warmer days.

Cream interior of Mercedes-Benz S Class S350

If you’re a Bride, you may have noticed the panoramic roof above the seats – makes the wedding photographs in the car much more pleasant and less harsh. Even if you’re not a Bride it does make the environment in the car much more open. If you’ve had a hard day, why not try out the reclining rear seats to help you relax. We’ve tried to think of everything to make your journey more pleasurable and this vehicle ticks all the boxes.

Showing the panoramic roof in the Mercedes-Benz S class

We know it looks comfortable and trust us it really is, but unfortunately, we will have to ask you to get out when you arrive at your destination regardless of how much you plead with us. Who knows, it may be picking you up the next time Valentines collect you.

Mercedes-Benz S Class at Ardoe House