Mercedes-Benz V Class EWB

Mercedes-Benz V Class EWB

A massive improvement on the older Viano, Our Mercedes-Benz V Class is a step above competitors. Style, comfort, and room are what you expect and the V Class certainly delivers. Even more so, we have an Extra Long Wheelbase to help cater for lots or spacious room in the back for 6 passengers. Our V Class is slightly different as we have made minor adjustments to the rear cabin in order to cater for more luggage without compromising on space.

The rear cabin sits 6 comfortably in a conference seating arrangement meaning no sore necks turning out to look at someone. The seats can be arranged into two rows of three seats if that is what you require, just ask when booking.

Photo of Mercedes V Class rear cabin

All round heating is at your control. A small display in the centre allows you to control the heating how you would like. Like the other vehicles, you can expect power chargers for most USB devices and a power brick in case you have to charge a laptop on your journey. The driver will be able to assist in helping and providing you with the correct cable.

V Class